Mosaic Courtyard: colour and pacifism in St. Petersburg

When we look for things to do in St. Petersburg, we usually get a predictable column of tips. Visits to the Hermitage and strolls along Nevsky Prospect appear there with an almost tedious regularity.  I wouldn’t want to dismiss those classical attractions, of course. However, there’re some lesser-known and younger treasures, that don’t get generally included into “highlights” itineraries. One ... VIEW THE POST >>

Barbarian treasures in Munich

Bavarian National Museum with its grand façade and vast collections remains one of the most popular Munich attractions. However, many visitors tend to skip seemingly plain collection of Early Medieval artifacts. Instead, they hurry to the upper floors, to more sophisticated centuries: to the gilded furniture and elegant portraits of Bavarian kings. In doing so, they skip a rare glimpse into ... VIEW THE POST >>

Book Review: Exotic England

Exotic England: The Making of a Curious Nation is a book I would recommend to any English, Anglophile, history buff or traveller, planning a trip to London - or even to people, who are none of the above. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown analyzes complex relationships between England and various Eastern civilizations over the ages. And, in doing so, she explores - and often explodes - much wider myths. One of ... VIEW THE POST >>