Artist and Empire: Tate Britain exhibition review

If you are visiting London, don't miss the chance to see new Tate Britain exhibition, exploring the influence of colonialism during several centuries. Artist and Empire offers a glimpse in every aspect of British imperialism, stretching back for centuries, reflecting in a thousand of forms. In the beginning, of course, there is an age of Elizabethan explorers – murky, uncertain dawn of colonial ... VIEW THE POST >>

Cinema before cinema: dioramas of London

London nowadays is renowned for its numerous cinemas, catering to every taste and palate: from magnificent Odeon on Leicester Square (don’t miss its operatic red curtain!) to quirky little venues. Some now count among the top London attractions. However, what is perhaps more unusual is the fact, that London audience loved “going to the pictures” long before the first film as we know it was ... VIEW THE POST >>

Fun in Georgian London: Budget Edition

What would you think about, if someone asked you to describe 18th century? Rococo, enormous skirts and elaborate etiquette; satin and Chippendale; literary salons and Enlightenment. And all these things, of course, would be true and relevant. But they are only one part of the story – we can even say, a relatively small part. Tonight, I would like to show you a different part of Georgian London – ... VIEW THE POST >>