Fun in Georgian London: Budget Edition

What would you think about, if someone asked you to describe 18th century? Rococo, enormous skirts and elaborate etiquette; satin and Chippendale; literary salons and Enlightenment. And all these things, of course, would be true and relevant. But they are only one part of the story – we can even say, a relatively small part. Tonight, I would like to show you a different part of Georgian London – ... VIEW THE POST >>

London Markets: Smithfield

Just like Billingsgate Market, Smithfield sprung to life years before the Norman Conquest. It was not even part of the city yet, but a pleasant expanse of grass, known as “Smooth Field”. Some local street names, in fact, still retain the memory of this early enterprise: Cock Lane, where the poultry was sold, and Cow Cross Street, where the livestock was traded. In 1133 it became a site of renown, ... VIEW THE POST >>

London Markets: Billingsgate

This story began in the early 11th century – in that distant, foggy time, when Norman invasion still lied decades ahead. Culturally speaking, England was then more a Scandinavian country, than a European one. Its future mighty capital was but a sturdy seaport, populated by Saxons and Danes – descendants of fierce Norsemen, who arrived on these shores centuries earlier. And that’s when the first ... VIEW THE POST >>