Museum of the History of St. Petersburg

For thousands of travelers, Peter-and-Paul Fortress remains one of the main points of interest in St. Petersburg. However, blinded by the magnificent cathedrals (pictured) and glowing golden spires, they often overlook a little museum, tucked away in the Commandant’s House. So, I decided to remedy this injustice and visit the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg myself. The permanent ... VIEW THE POST >>

Geffrye Museum: hidden gem of East London

This little-known museum, located in one of the East London neighborhoods, is definitely worth a visit. It is especially attractive, if you a pondering, where to go in London on a weekend, but want to avoid stifling crowds at the popular landmarks. And, as an icing of the cake, this museum is completely free (unlike many London activities). It comes especially handy, given, that we are talking ... VIEW THE POST >>

Book Review: Florence, the Biography of the City

Florence fascinated – and still fascinates – millions of people over many centuries. Countless travelers, authors, photographers, poets, historians and artists have set out to explore it. However, I dare say, we are yet to see more thorough, full and colourful book on it, than Christopher Hibbert’s Florence: the Biography of the City. And is exactly what it says on the tin: a biography, exploring ... VIEW THE POST >>