Photo-essay: London between the wars

1920s and 1930s continue to provide endless inspiration for writers, re-enactors, swing dancers, vintage lovers and period drama directors alike. It was a difficult, bitter, glittering, glorious, complex time. The city awoke from its post-WW1 slumber and sprung into growth far and wide. New banks and theatres, cinemas (now showing "talkies"!) and gentlemen clubs grew, majestic and marble-clad, ... VIEW THE POST >>

Royal Observatory: of stars and wars

This year has given us a new Star Wars film and renewed our (well, mine) longing for the galaxy far, far away. And, of all London sites, none are better suited for this situation, than Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Each year, it hosts a (free-entry) exhibition of Astronomy Photographers of the Year. There, you can see (as I’ve seen) infinite galaxies, blazing aurorae and impressive, if slightly ... VIEW THE POST >>

Dennis Severs’ House: not your average London history museum

There are plenty of history museums in London - some grand and central, some quant and local. However, Dennis Severs' House stands aside. In fact, its creator and mastermind, Dennis Severs himself, didn't call it a history museum at all - he considered it to be a “still-life drama”, a unique journey. And many agree with him - Dennis Severs' House is counted amongst the most unforgettable operatic ... VIEW THE POST >>