London Markets: Smithfield

Just like Billingsgate Market, Smithfield sprung to life years before the Norman Conquest. It was not even part of the city yet, but a pleasant expanse of grass, known as “Smooth Field”. Some local street names, in fact, still retain the memory of this early enterprise: Cock Lane, where the poultry was sold, and Cow Cross Street, where the livestock was traded. In 1133 it became a site of renown, ... VIEW THE POST >>

London Markets: Billingsgate

This story began in the early 11th century – in that distant, foggy time, when Norman invasion still lied decades ahead. Culturally speaking, England was then more a Scandinavian country, than a European one. Its future mighty capital was but a sturdy seaport, populated by Saxons and Danes – descendants of fierce Norsemen, who arrived on these shores centuries earlier. And that’s when the first ... VIEW THE POST >>

London Markets: Borough Market.

Few things in the present chic appearance of the Borough Market hint at its boisterous history. Except for the fact, that last year it celebrated its 1,000th birthday. It flourished in developing, mercantile London of the Middle Ages; it flourished in colourful London of Shakespeare and Marlow; it flourished in strict, progressive Victorian London, and never lost its vitality or ... VIEW THE POST >>