3 of the most beautiful churches in Rome

Of course, an advice to visit some churches while in Rome is hardly a contender for the title of The Most Original Tip 2017. However, there’re some must-visit places in Rome among them, that hardly appear on the regular to-do lists. Here is a handful:   Santa Maria sopra Minerva     If there was one reason why I liked Santa Maria sopra Minerva, it was because, ... VIEW THE POST >>

Photopost: Vatican Museums (Mostly Ceilings)

When it comes to choosing the places to visit in Rome, the Vatican Museums are probably high enough on your list. The queues and the ticket costs can be somewhat off-putting, I know; however, here're some of the photos from my last trip, that may help you to make up your mind. There's plenty to see beyond the Sistine Chapel and the famous staircase!   All the Baroque ... VIEW THE POST >>

Ostia: Like Pompeii, but closer (Part 2)

Tonight we return to Ostia Antica. It is one of those places, where you should pay a visit during your weekend break in Rome, even if you have scarce time for anything else. Almost as well-preserved, as the famous victim of Vesuvius, it is not half as widely publicized, so you are unlikely to find yourself in a crowd of tourists. Last week, we saw Ostia’s legacy as a city of many faiths (from ... VIEW THE POST >>