Ostia: Like Pompeii, but closer (Part 2)

Tonight we return to Ostia Antica. It is one of those places, where you should pay a visit during your weekend break in Rome, even if you have scarce time for anything else. Almost as well-preserved, as the famous victim of Vesuvius, it is not half as widely publicized, so you are unlikely to find yourself in a crowd of tourists. Last week, we saw Ostia’s legacy as a city of many faiths (from ... VIEW THE POST >>

Ostia: Like Pompeii, but closer (Part 1)

Like many travelers on their trips to Rome, I was at first tempted by a day-long excursion to Pompeii. However, at a closer look, I decided to swap the three-hour ride to a twenty-minute one, and visit the remains of Ostia Antica instead. Ostia Antica doesn’t share Pompeii’s wide publicity – I cannot recall either a magnificent painting or a Hollywood blockbuster, dedicated to it. Among other ... VIEW THE POST >>